Exterior Painting

Freshen up that old exterior paint and make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Exterior painting is recommended to project your asset.

For stucco you should paint every 7-10 years. Wood and siding should be painted every 4–6 years. Lack of new paint to protect the wood can lead to dry rot and even more costly repairs.

Protect your investment by staying ahead of these potential issues. Afraid you already have dry rot or other damage to your exterior? RPMC can repair any problem areas before applying the beautiful new paint of your choice.

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Interior Painting

Ready to freshen up that interior before putting your house on the market? Or just need to update the look?

A fresh coat of paint can transform your interior space from old and faded to bright and warm.

And not just painting, we can remove those outdated popcorn ceilings, repair damaged drywall and texture; RPMC can do it all! Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Cabinet Painting

Complete the new look on the interior of your home by repainting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Outdated cabinets can stick out like a sore thumb. And cabinet replacement can be extremely costly.

Instead, let RPMC repair and repaint your cabinets. We apply a high quality, durable enamel finish so your cabinets look like new.

Don’t see the service you need?

Just ask! We offer a variety of other services to enhance homes and prepare them for sale. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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